Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feeling Blue

This is the current state of our master bathroom...nothing special yet. It's still definitely a work-in-progress. I just finished painting the walls BM Silver Streak. It's a very gray blue and I'm pretty happy with it.

The bathroom has a lot of finishes that I'd love to change (cheap 4x4 tiles, solid surface counter top)

But our budget doesn't allow for us to do an entire remodel.

So, I've decided to make do and just switch out the brass fixtures and knobs for some classic polished nickel ones.

This light fixture (installed horizontally) will replace the old brass "bulb" one.

"Before" with the previous owners things.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Love the light fixture.

Im not sure how handy you or husband is but you can sometimes find vanities for very cheap if you look on craigslist. (People buy something and then decide they want something else)

Joi said...

The color is great! And I think that light fixture will do wonders for tht bathroom! : )

Katie said...

Oh I love that color! Just found your blog - probably been here before but Love it though!

Michael said...

I love the color and the light! Can we hire you to decorate our condo???

suzie said...

Gorgeous and the light fixture is perfect!