Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Greek To Me

Here's another interesting find from a House and Garden (Greek Edition) I picked up at the Athens airport. Of course, I don't read Greek, but from what I gather from the title "Design & Cartoons", they could be saying that you may find inspiration from nonconventional places...even an image of Disney's Pocahontas? Anyone read Greek?

I see how the designer used the aqua from her necklace for the chairseats, the warmth of the wood flooring echoes the color of her skin, even the orb light fixture resembles the pendant on her jewelry. But, where is the most dominant color...the black from her hair? Although from my observations during our trip to Greece, the use of black in interior spaces is really unusual.

For a girl who grew up on all things Disney, this would be a fun way to get color and decor inspiration!


Anonymous said...

this just says that it is the house of the art director who worked on pocahontas. It's not about taking inspiration from that cartoon, although it does say the colors in the house are reminiscent of cartoonish colors

thestamfordwife said...

Great to know, thanks!

My imagination had me going in a different direction.