Thursday, July 17, 2008

Girly Girl

{sunglasses may be advised for the following post}

Your eyes don't deceive you...that's HOT pink you're seeing in my (WIP) office.

I decided I wanted to infuse some "girly" color in there so I chose BM Peony, but that was a tad dark so I lightened it with a bit of Glacier White. The shelves used to be closed cabinets.

I still have much more to do in here, but this is a start.

This is the opposite side of the room. There is a skylight above the futon which offers great natural light.

This is how it looked with the previous owners things...

The green walls were a littile too "grown up" for me.


K. said...

Love those before pics...I mean, where can I find a valence that looks like two pairs of massive grannie pannies? I like the direction you're headed in with it, and I like the little sofa nook.

thestamfordwife said...

LOL! Can you believe that there were valances like that throughout the house? Oy!

pve design said...

Love to come paint something under those shelves, like green grass with pink peonies - in a mod way.
Or a pink and green stripe?
pve design