Wednesday, September 22, 2010

South Beach & Nate Berkus

So are you all tired of reading about the Nate Berkus blogger show yet? Yeah, me too. So, I'm going to catch you up on what I did over the weekend.

My husband and I checked into our room at the Tides and I was instantly relaxed. So much so that the hubs had to convince me that we should go walk around or at least get a cocktail somewhere. Leave it to him to coerce me with booze (it worked).

I love that stitching detail in the leather clever.

Welcome drinkies!

I also made my way up to visit the bride-to-be in the penthouse and to snap a few photos (which just don't pay it any justice!)

Um, that bed had a lucite (or maybe glass...not sure) headboard!

One of the three bathrooms in the penthouse.

Loved this chandelier in the hallway.

A guest bathroom. Beautiful, yet not functional (ah-em, no mirrors).

A pool cabana

The lobby

The Coral Bar. According to the bartender, it is an actual speakeasy (that has since been refurbished) that was originally hidden behind a false wall during Prohibition!

One of the many sexy chairs in the hotel. This particular one was the ladies room.

La Marea, the main restaurant.

Some other great details from the lobby...

Then we were off to the Mondrian hotel for a group dinner the night before the wedding.

The outdoor lounge had an incredible view of the city.


We then made our way to the W for some after dinner drinks. Of course I had to ask my friend for a tour of their suite as well. Trying not to be too much of a decor weirdo, I only took a few, discreet photos.

This print was hanging in the foyer of the room. Love!

The day of the wedding was just beautiful (duh, we're in Miami). The ceremony was held on the penthouse balcony/rooftop deck of the Tides.

The happy couple!

Me with my bestie. We had such a ball. I came home with a nasty hangover, mysterious bruises from a hard night of partying married girl style (with the hubs). Does that ever happen to anyone else? Ooooooofffff, it was a great weekend and I'm beyond happy for my darling friends S+A.

Oh, and yes, I too was one of the ba-zillion bloggers in the audience of the Nate Show on Tuesday. I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it by now. He's adorable. I wanted to hug him. I admire his design work. I'll just leave it at that.

{photo via Camila}

I also attended the lovely party hosted by Camila and The Nest. I just have to say that I truly enjoyed meeting so many amazing bloggers. I've never been in a room with so many warm, intelligent and creative (and gorgeous!) women in my life. I wish I could've met each and everyone there, but the night went by fast! Thank you Camila for the heads up and the invitation. I had a fabulous time!


Hello Lover... said...

Looks like a great trip - the brides flowers were beautiful (as were the bride and groom!).

I think my favorite part of that hotel has got to be that pool cabana!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including something in your post "other" than the show. I'm sure it was incredible, just a bit tired of reading about it everywhere. Love the pics of the hotels.

{Emily} said...

So.Jealous. :)

mydesignchic said...

Ohhhh, what a beautiful hotel and fun!!

Anonymous said...
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Freckles Chick said...

I could get used to that South Beach hotel! GORGEOUS!

This is why I heart you. Negative Nate Berkus reviews aside, I'd be thrilled to even get the chance to attend the show. Thank you for focusing on the positive.

Anonymous said...

great post - making my way through the crowd to read all my fellow design bloggers' posts about the Nate show...we may have met briefly, but it was a whirlwind. I follow your blog and love it and will go add it to my blogroll now. Hope we get to meet again soon. It was a great week huh! and got to put some faces to blog names. best, Tamara of NestbyTamara at