Saturday, September 18, 2010

Coming To You Live {The Tides}


The hubs and I are enjoying a great weekend here in South Beach. I just thought I'd share some of the lovely details of our room at The Tides.

Much, much more to come! Until then, enjoy your weekend!


Julie said...

I have always wanted to stay there. It looks amazing!

Hazel Williams said...

It looks absolutely stunning, I hope you enjoy your weekend away! :) Hazel

Joi said...

That's a gorgeous room, T! Hope you're enjoying your time!

Hello Lover... said...

stunning! I am so jealous!

pretty pink tulips said...

So spectacular! Hope you are having the BEST time!
xoxo elizabeth

Hello Lover... said...

Thanks so much for the comment - it was such a pleasure to meet you last night!

You are beautiful and so sweet. It's so nice to get to meet all of these people we know from their blogs in real life. There definitely needs to be another blogger meet up in the near future - and I would absolutely love for it to be in Chicago. Hope to see you again someday soon!