Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bon Voyage Baby

{table decor - a paper suitcase "packed" with the baby girl's necessities}

This past Saturday night I had the honor of co-hosting a going away party/baby shower for my dear friends Justin and Misato (they hosted one of our baby showers at their home in Williamsburg Brooklyn). They are moving in a week to Japan to be closer to Misato's family. I just thought I'd share some photos form the party with you.

{the table centerpiece consisted of simple (inexpensive) gladiolas}

They are expecting a little girl in December, so we went with the classic pink color scheme. The couple didn't want anything too fussy since it was more of a cocktail party rather than a baby shower. There were to be no games of blindfolded diaper changing or guess how many diaper pins, etc. Although, it would've been a hoot to have seen some of the semi-intoxicated men in attendance trying to diaper a babydoll!

The party invitation (found - here) was our inspiration... string baby's clothes along a "clothes line" made of green yarn.

Some of the other flower arrangements consisted of assorted pink dahlias and celosia.

{"Bon Voyage Baby"}

We hung a DIY pink and green banner from their loft.

{Me, fellow co-host and my sister in-law Kristin, and the mommy-to-be Misato}

{the crowd}

{the parents-to-be}

I'm in tears just writing this post. Justin and Misato are like family to us and will be greatly missed. However, I'm looking forward to visiting them in Tokyo next spring (to meet their little one)!

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