Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Whirlwind - Catching Up With Y'all (part two)

And for Part Deux of my catch up...we were off to Montauk, NY (the most Eastern town on Long Island) for an incredible wedding weekend. It was our first trip away from home with the baby and I have to say, it went very well! He slept the entire car ride out there and had his first experience with a non-family babysitter with no complaints from her.

The bride and groom had reserved the Montauk Yacht Club for the weekend. It was recently renovated with a definite nautical feel to it. Everything was crisp, white and navy. Loved the decor. Note: not ALL of the rooms have been renovated yet and were kind of nasty...just our luck, we got a non-renovated room. Booooo.

Friday before the wedding we had a fab dinner at Harvest with some friends and it was just delish!

Introducing the gorgeous bride and groom! Her dress was divine, I tell you DEEE-VINE (I had to ask her who designed it...Valentino...swoon). My terrible photograhy doesn't do it justice.

Here are just a few shots from the reception. It rained hard that night, but the HUGE tent kept us nice and dry.

A jam-packed dancefloor...a sign of a fantastic party. The band was seriously the BEST wedding band EVER. I danced my butt off.

The two new mommas enjoying their champagne (a lot!).

Sunday was Father's Day, so we headed straight from Montauk to a lobster dinner in Stamford in honor of three generations of dads in our clan. (check out the size of those lobsters! Sheesh, we're piggies, huh?)

Last weekend we FINALLY had some good weather here. Good enough to take Gray for his very first sail on his grandparents sailboat. He loved it so much he refused to take a nap while under sail. Life is just so much more fun with Gray around. Just knowing that everything is so new to him is incredible.


Brenda said...

What a lovely wedding. I just love east coast living. I'm a born and raised s. Cali girl. You look gorgeous and I hope you enjoyed the bubbly.

Freckles Chick said...

Such a classy affair through and through. I would look totally out of place there, LOL.

You look fab, T. Where's the dress from (sorry if I missed it)? So haute!

(Your friend in the red dress looks a bit like Trista Sutter. So pretty!)

RLG said...

Forget the bride! You looked AMAZING. Great pics, thanks for sharing. xoxo

Suzie said...

You look fantastic, T! And Grayson is getting so big! Aww! :)

Carly said...

What a FABULOUS post. Looks like you are living a life right out of some east coast magazine! : ) From the lobster, to the sailing, to the tented wedding... wow.
You are one hot mama in that dress, too!
Glad you had a great time. That's what summer is for!

Anonymous said...

Baby was not really on that sailboat without a life jacket...was he?

GraceK said...

What a wonderful post - looks like you guys are having a great summer so far!

The wedding looked beautiful! And the Harvest is one of my fave restaurants - I go every time I'm in Montauk!

Queen B. said...

amazing wedding !
Love the dress.........
Love the light house photo.

thestamfordwife said...

Anon: Of course we had a PFD for the baby (it's the law afterall). The boat is on the larger side and if extrememly stable. Baby isn't allowed anywhere outside the bimney.

Becky said...

Why do you have to look so damn HOT & sexy???? lobbles