Sunday, May 3, 2009


My orchids

have these nasty critters all over them. I've tried swabbing the entire plant with alcohol and that works for a week or so, but they keep returning. Ick! Any suggestions on how to get rid of the little stinkers?


Lynett said...

Oh no! I wish I could help! I actually just posted a picture of my orchid that is blooming (finally), but I've never had it get that stuff! Did you try googling it? Good luck.

Emily said...

If you take the photo to a good nursery, they should be able to diagnose the problem and give you a solution to fix it. Our local nursery has saved many a plant for us!

Jill J. said...

I think you have wooly aphids (mealy bugs.) Google the name to see if that is actually what you have.
Here's a link:
down at the bottom is a section on pests.

Katie said...

I have heard that vinegar can get rid of nasties but I am not sure - never tried it. I hope you find a great solution for your pest prob!

Athene said...

For a baby-safe and even organic method (if you use organic soap/dishwashing liquid), try dapping soap bubbles on the mealy bugs, it works on my carnivorous plants which are sensitive to chemicals.

You might have to repeat every 3-4th day for about 2 weeks, but trust me they do work.What the bubbles actually do is to cover the insects with a film of oil or something, preventing access to O2. Watch out for ants too, if you see them on the plants, there's a high chance of the bugs are back, keep a close eye on the other plants too.

The best way is still placing the plant in a big bag & pump in CO2 (carbon dioxide) until the bag inflates & tie it up. Leave for 2-6 hours but do make sure you do this during day time when the plant actually need CO2 and this will suffocates the insects.

The downside is you'd need a CO2 tank, I don't think many have this laying aroud at home, well except those planted-tanks hobbyist!

Good luck with orchids & congratulations on the baby, he's gorgeous!