Monday, January 26, 2009

Progress In The Bedroom (no, not that kind of progress)

Get your minds out of the gutter, people.
This is my work-in-progress master bedroom. Here is the bed all made up and looking pretty (except the wrinkled sheets - my days of ironing bed linens are long gone).

{I'm so in love with this Chipendale chest of drawers - it's an antique I found on Craig's List for pennies!}

I'm liking the way the room is coming along, but it's still not totally complete yet and it has a few issues that need to be dealt with.

One of the issues being the headboard. While I loved it at one time (in a previous house where most of our furnishings were more modern) it's not cutting it for two reasons. First, it's just too short in height and second, it's not comfortable to lean my head against in order to read.

I've ordered this headboard from Tar-jay (crossing my fingers that I like it in person).

This is a sad little wall that I'm not sure how I'm going to address. Maybe once the new headboard arrives, I will put the large art piece above the bed and the picture grouping on the opposite wall? Who knows? There isn't enough clearance for any furniture. Suggestions?

Another issue the room has is a lack of a ceiling light fixture.

This light fixture is just waiting for the electrician to install it.

{my favorite little chair}

I ended up stealing these lamps from our living room and getting new larger scaled lamps for that room. Crystal lamps and roses make me happy.

I also had some store credit at Pottery Barn burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to order this white duvet (which is on sale - wooo!).
I think after all of these modifications, I may just be done with this room...for now.


Sweet Carolina Bride said...

My room looks just like the PB picture you posted! I love your style.

Anonymous said...

Looking good...

LOVE the light fixture! Where is it from?

suzie said...

Gorgeous and ITA with you! Just slap the bedding on the bed! Life is too
short for ironing! Bleh!

elizabeth said...

I would move the big piece of art to the wall above your headboard and move the photos to the other wall and instead of hanging them make picture rails (2) and put them there and then you can always add more photos of the baby:) I would also maybe paint that wall a different color..either a deeper version of whats on the walls or be brave and maybe brown or teal? It will give the chair, which is adorable, more punch.

20-Something Superhero said...

I like your room thus far... but yeah, I know what you mean about needing something under the painting, but I have no idea what, at this point. I know you mentioned putting it above the bed, but would it be too big once you get a taller headboard???

Courtney Baker said...

I love your style! Very envious of all of your beautiful rooms. My thought for the empty space: could you get a matching chair from Room and Board and put the chairs on either side of the painting? It's hard to tell from the picture how tight the space is.

Mrs. Limestone said...

The room looks lovely already! Bravo to you for hanging photos over your bed. Im afraid of them falling on my head :)

Love that lamp. Beautiful.

Where did you get your little tree jewelry stand from?

Joi said...

T, you have impeccable taste. I love this room and really love the dresser.

Cote de Texas said...

really looking good - love the chair and the drapes! you've done a great job, can't wait to see the headboard!

Freckles Chick said...

So chic! What I love about this room (like the rest of your lovely home) is that it has that designer's touch to it. I always try to attain it but fail =)

Depending on how tall your gorgeous new headboard will be, I agree w/ putting the painting above the bed, too.

I don't even iron my own clothes, let alone bedsheets!

niartist said...

Love that artwork across from the bed. Very lovely - the whole room is really coming together.

Newburgh Restoration said...

I want those monogrammed sheets after I get married.

Lauren said...

It looke beautiful!!! So sunny & organized & relaxing yet fun! Love your photos above the bed too!!! Very romantic :)

For the little space accross from the bed is there room for even a tiny little bench of some sort with like a 12" clearance?? or a teensy shelf??

The Berlin Wall said...

Love reading your blog! We have such similar taste!
Can I ask where your duvet is from? I just love the scrunched up look on the white fabric!

Anonymous said...

please tell me where you got your bed spread!! I would love to get one. BEAUTIFUL!!!!