Monday, January 26, 2009

I Dare You

While I love to see beautiful bedrooms with their perfectly ironed linens and bazillion throw pillows placed neatly atop a crispy duvet, I wonder what those beds REALLY look first thing in the morning. So, here is mine in all of her first-in-the-morning-glory.

Trying to fall asleep while in your third trimester of pregnancy is challenging - notice all of the pillows? I think I use five in total.

Oh, and nothing is sexier than a bottle of Pepcid on the nightstand. Ugh.
So, I challenge you...let's see how you really live...I dare you!
{a full on staged post about my bedroom updates is to come}


Melissa said...

Our bed looks the same as yours every morning. I tried to will myself into making the bed every day before I left for work. That lasted about 2 weeks.

I love your headboard. Where is that from?

Lauren said...

hahahah great post!! i STILL think yours looks pretty though with all that sunshine & your gorgeous duvet!!

SoBella Creations said...

My bed is always in shambles. My youngest daughter lays in my bed to watch tv during the day. So of course there is jumping, dancing etc going on to all these little kiddie shows. When I have the money I plan to put a tv and DVR in the playroom and kick them out of my room.

thestamfordwife said...

Melissa, the headboard is from a furniture company named Box Furniture...I bought it years ago and don't even know if the company still exists. Sorry, not much help here.