Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Anniversary {Part One}

The anniversary of the day I turned 25 (aka: my birthday) is May 19th. It just so happens that the past few years we have been travelling somewhere exotic on that day...lucky me! So, I've decided that it should become a "tradition" that I celebrate that day some place fabulous (and preferably out of the country) every year!
Here's a look back at my 25th when I was living in Chicago (not an exotic location, but fun non the less)
{That's me in the middle. Hmmm, I think I was hitting the tanning salon in those days. Ugh.}


brynalexandra said...

Happy Birthday! My birthday is the 17th! And unfortunately many of us fell victim to the tanning beds... and thanks to that trend I have (tiny) wrinkles on my forehead at 24!

Bad, bad bad decisions.

Suzie said...


suzie said...

Happy Upcoming Birthday!

Mrs. Limestone said...

An early happy birthday to you!

Freckles Chick said...

Them are some HAWT ladies!! Happy Birthday, T!!