Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shippan Designer Show House & Technical Difficulties

If you're in the neighborhood, go check out the Shippan Designer Show House on Ocean Drive West here in Stamford, CT. Proceeds support the Stamford Museum and Nature Center which is an awesome place to take the kids!

On an annoying note...I have NO clue how my blog got all askew. Everything that once was on my right sidebar is located way below all of my posts. I must get this fixed, but of course, I have no time to do so. UGHHHH. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


m @ random musings said...

you're probably missing a ">" or "< / div >" (or have an extra one). Not sure what your coding skills are, but basically there is missing information and the tags that separate info from the center and right columns is messed up. Simple to fix, annoying as h*** to find.

p.s. ignore the spaces in the quoted parts -blogger wouldn't accept it as code.

pretty pink tulips said...

I'm going Thursday!!! Sorry about your tech difficulties. Sadly, I am of no help in that area.

lisaferointeriors.com said...

I am also an interior decorator in Fairfield County, CT and recently started a blog. I have been following your blog and love your posts. We should chat sometime, possibly visit local stores/showhouses together.

Sorry, no help either with the design of your blog. I had someone else do it.