Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Living The High Life - Trump Parc Stamford

I had the opportunity to tour the Trump Parc Stamford the other day and I must say I was completely smitten! Being the tallest building in Stamford (I believe), the views were incredible! I mean, I've lived in NYC before and have seen some great views, but there is something to be said about being in a high-rise in a small-ish city where there are very few tall buildings to block your view. I took some really quick photos with my Iphone which really don't do the property justice.

My Iphone photo of the living/dining room in the two bedroom (end unit) which was my favorite floorplan of all. The open layout of this unit was really amazing and spacious. Also, what you can't see from my photos is the view of Long Island Sound from all windows in this particular unit!

Here is a better view of the living/dining space (via their website). There is an optional wall which would create a small den/office space.

My Iphone photo (which apparantly had a dirty lense to boot). Here you can see their model unit without the wall creating the den/office space.

The website's photo fo the den.

My photo of the same space (different furniture and no wall separating it from the main living space).

My photo of the living space with built-in media and storage. That wood was really beautiful in person.

Their photo of the upgraded kitchen with Viking appliances and what looks to be white carrara or statuary marble countertops and backsplash.

My crappy photo of the a different model kitchen (in a three bedroom unit). The only thing I would have to change in this space would be the lighting (just a little too modern for my taste). Otherwise, it was perfection for this type of condo.

Their photo of the master bedroom (with a king bed).

My photo of the same space (different furniture). Loved the gray paint color in this room!

The view from the bed

Here is the living space in the three bedroom unit. It's not quite as open as the two bedroom (above). It offers approximately 200 square feet more space than the two bedroom overall though. Perfect for a small family perhaps? I could see myself being very comfortable here. It has more square footage (approx. 1900 sq. ft.) than our current home!

Another view of the main living/dining space in the three bedroom unit (which also has gorgeous Long Island Sound views). The grass cloth wallpaper in this space was stunning.

Overall, it was a beautiful building and now I'm obsessed with the idea of living in a high-rise again after leaving our NYC digs over two years ago. I love the sense of freedom that high-rise living conveys...the commanding views, the amenities (heck, I might even work out on a daily basis again if I had a gym in my building) the doormen, no maintenance, the list goes on and on. Can you tell I've been thinking about this way too much?

Here are some of my favorite high-rise decor images just for fun (all via Elle Decor)...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous place, but I could never live there...SOO scared of heights! Guess I'll never be a city girl. I love the 'burbs too much!

pve design said...

I love the windows from floor to ceiling....all that light, woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

I was giggling a little because living here in Chicago, it seems like it would be cool to live in a high rise. Then a few months ago I started reading "A Pattern Language", and the author was advising that buildings should not be made tall (or certain stories high) because it was known to drive people crazy with the lack of interaction from the street, etc...I thought that was an interesting perspective.

Michelle said...

Ohh, I totally agree! I love them, we have a few in Atlanta, but I never have lived in them. If I were single, I would rock the hell out of one!

Shorely Chic said...

this is such a fun post, loved reading and seeing the trump building!! I've been wondering what it looks like in there... Also, GREAT meeting you - we must get together soon!

Anonymous said...

Nice but for the same price, you can buy a similar sized house in great shape in most of Stamford or a nice older townhouse in GREEENWICH FOR GOSHSAKES. Luxury highrises make sense in NYC where if one had the choice to buy a house / townhouse it would cost 5-100X more.

I've lived in a luxury hghrise in Stamford (the classic) as a renter because my intermediate term career was in flux. I would never buy into one of them. If you want to buy or rent in a luxury highrise, look at the Classic (also floor to ceiling windows in many apartments) for 1/2 the price or 1 strawberry hill on a high floor for 1/3rd the price.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT the MONTHLY CONDO FEES ARE AT THE TRUMP? $700-$2000! This is not NYC. The Highrove (even more luxurious) is uncoccupied and went into foreclosure. The Classic went into foreclosure 2 years ago and units were sold for 50-75% off original sales prices! I urge anyone with more money than sense to educate themselves about the Stamford market. No one else will tell you. The building is 80% unoccupied and being converted to rentals because of this very reason.