Monday, August 16, 2010

Kennepunkport {Through My Eyes}

Since I'm still out of town, I figured I'd share photos from one of our recent little trips to Kennebunkport Maine.

Many of these photos were taken all real-estalker-paparazzi-like with my husband keeping at least 20 paces ahead of me in embarassment.

Am I the only one that really just takes photos of houses when on vacation?

I say, if you have a beautiful home, you're asking for people to stop and gawk at it, right?


Alissa said...

Those are some great houses! I definitely do the same thing in my own city and so far nobody has seemed to notice.

Kerrisdale Design Inc said...

I adore that first photo, the red is stunning! And yes, I stalk houses on vacation too! I have a bunch from our trip to Napa/Sonoma that I've been meaning to post on the blog. I seriously made my husband circle the block dozens of times while we drove around, just so I could get shots of the pretty homes. My son {3.5yr} has been affected too. Now when we drive he asks me what I think of certain houses and if they are pretty should we take their picture?

Have a fabulous day!

Erin @Blueprints of a Southern Belle said...

i take pictures of strangers' pretty houses, too :)

maine is on my bucket list of places to visit...boy, your pics sure make it look gorgeous!