Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This And That

It's been a busy week at Casa Stamford. I'm (co)planning another baby shower for a dear friend of mine. It's bittersweat for me because she and her husband are moving back to her home county of Japan to be closer to her family when their little one arrives. I'm beyond excited for them, but the selfish me is bummed that my sweet buddy is going to be so very far away. Oh well, I've always wanted to go to Japan and now it's so going to happen!

Also in the works is a small trip to Miami for another dear (old-partner-in-crime) girlfriend's wedding at the The Tides.

Our room is booked and I'm so excited to spend some quality (child-free) time with friends and the hubby! I have a feeling that this trip to South Beach will be very different than my last (a drunk-fest bachellorette party in my single 20's).

I'm much more interested in soaking up all of the amazing Kelly Wearstler fabulous-ness, relaxing by the pool and indulging in a few spa treatments rather than shaking it at the clubs.
: )
Now, back to work...


Shannon said...

Fabulousness indeed!

Julie said...

I think I prefer these spa-filled days of my 30s WAY more than I enjoyed drunken clubby 20s, so I'm with you! Enjoy! Miami sounds fab!

pretty pink tulips said...

Are you kidding me?! This is sooo amazing. I might have to sneak into your suitcase!

Hello Lover... said...

This place is stunning! Sorry your friend is leaving - but you are absolutely right that it is an amazing excuse to travel to Japan!

pve design said...

Don't get into too much trouble now. tee hee.
Number two might find some wiggle room there.