Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heading To Martha's Vineyard

{Emily Post's cottage garden in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard - photo via here}

Once again, I am packing our bags feverishly for a whirlwind trip to Martha's Vineyard (and possibly Nantucket). My in-laws sail their boat up the New England coast every summer.

Emily Post's Garden
{photo via here}

We try to join them (invite ourselves, really) if we can sneak away for a few days. Last year it was a Block Island adventure with a then 6 month old Grayson.

We didn't sail last year (we stayed in the marina) because we felt Grayson was too young. This summer we're going to see if he can do a 6 (approx.) jaunt to Nantucket which would be his longest sail to date. I mean, It's more like if I can handle it really.

Sailing with a 1.5 year old is anything but relaxing. Wish us luck! Here's hoping we make it all the way to Nantucket and I don't chicken out beforehand.

Sailboat moored in Nantucket at Sunset

{photos via here}

So, can you offer any suggestions for Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket? Do you have any favorite haunts?


Rebecca said...

Sounds amazing though, even with a baby in tow. Have fun!

Helenisready said...

We sailed a bit when our childern were young. We always made sure they wore a harness that we then clipped to the boat. Yes, we used it to get the little guy out of the water when we were at the dock.

Fran said...

How awesome! Have fun! We were in Nantucket this summer and I'd recommend The Galley Restaurant for either cocktails on the beach or (if you want to splurge) dinner! Also, check out Belongings - a great home decor store!!

Freckles Chick said...

Would you believe, I can't even swim but I always dream of sailing or activities of the nautical sort. You bet our future kiddos are getting swimming lessons as soon as they're allowed.

Have fun, T!! Here's hoping the G-man will cooperate!
(I love that pic of the electric blue water.)

jenivana said...

Any questions about the Vineyard I can answer -- I am trapped here year-round!