Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feeding The Wee Ones - Weelicious

My little guy Grayson is just about 18 months now and has become quite the little eater. It happened so quickly for me. I feel like we went from basic purees to him wanting to eat everything my husband and I eat (I'm not complaining, he's not a picky eater - yaaay Gray!). I just didn't feel prepared to come up with age appropriate (aka: fun) and healthy foods for my toddler.

I just stumbled upon the website Weelicious (maybe I've been living under a rock, I don't know?) and it's been such a great resource to help me come up with new and interesting foods to give Grayson. They post healthy recipes, there is a message board for parents to compare notes, and they have great photos to give us parents a little inspiration to make meals a little more enticing to the wee ones.

Just thought I'd share this handy website! Have a great weekend!


Catherine McCord said...

So happy you found weelicious!!!

Patty said...

LOVE Weelicious - as does my 9 month old! Ha! Those bentos look cute, btw. Would love to try that once we move further into finger foods.

Cherie said...

Thanks for the link! I need more ideas for my son's meals. I feel like he eats the same things over and over again!

Sarah said...

i've never heard of this site, now i must check it out. such great ideas.