Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bulbs On My Brain

アリウムギガンティウム/Allium giganteum

Is it too early to think of next Spring? Probably. However, Fall is right around the corner which is the perfect time to plant bulbs for the following year. So, I've been trying to devise a plan to incorporate some of my favorite spring blooms into our little garden.

purple allium

Allium is by far one of favorite flowers. It's so unique in it's statuesque shape and the color is just so me.

After stumbling upon Elizabeth's fabulous blog, I fell head of heals in love with her pink tulips (pictured above). Aren't they wonderful? Go check out her blog, her house is stunning!

Do you like PINK?


Hyacinths have the most intoxicating scent. They instantly conjure up memories of Easter dresses and Easter egg hunts in the crisp Spring air.

24/1/2010 -White Hyacinth

Dreaming of spring on a dark November day

Isn't this mix of pink tulips and hyacinths just beautiful? I love the combination in textures.

This Year's  Crocus

Some of the earliest of bloomers are Crocus. I love to see mounds of them growing through patches of snow (which happened quite often where I grew up in Minnesota).

Laying in a field of Anemones

One of my most favorite flowers of all is the delicate Anemone with it's paper-like petals and skinny stem.

Snowdrop Anemone

I'll be there for you

And I can't forget the striking Ranunculus.

What are your favorite Spring time blooms? Can you offer any advice regarding planting bulbs? I'd love to hear it!

{all images via here}


Laurie Jones said...

Your photos are stunning!! However I'm going to hold onto summer for a bit longer!! I'm not ready for the hustle and bustle a new school year brings just quite yet!!

Betty said...

Your flower pictures are pretty. This year I discovered ranunculus and fell in love with them.

Suzie said...

Pretty, T! Love the way you incorporate flowers into spaces.

pretty pink tulips said...

Awww...thanks Teresa! So glad you found my blog - and thanks for the shout out.

November is the perfect month to plant bulbs!
xo Elizabeth

pve design said...

What a bevy of beautiful bulbs. I need to note that in November to plant tons of bulbs!
Love Elizabeth and her pretty pink tulips~