Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Glossy Paint and Other Updates

I Just thought I'd share a few little projects from my home lately. I wish I had more time to give more detail, but for now this is a "drive-by-blog-post". Our weather beaten front door got a nice fresh coat of high gloss black paint a couple days ago and I can't stop staring at it. Is it weird that I totally open and close my door for no reason other than to look at the paint? Oh, and I also do the same to freshly organized closets...I stop and oogle at the organization-porn. Weird, I know.

The dining room got a new paint color as well ("Olive" by Farrow and Ball) and I'm 80% happy with it. I wish it was a little more punchy green as opposed to a muted gray green, but oh well. Maybe next year I will paint again. I kid you not, this is the THIRD paint color in the past two years that these walls have seen (again, weird. I know). I just can't seem to nail it. However, it's been getting rave reviews from visitors. It honestly does look better in person. I also added a blue and white plate collection as well as an old mirror (painted BM China White).

The window seat (aka: the glorified cat bed) got a crisp white cushion as well as some of my random throw pillows from around the house.

The dining room chairs also got a nice new ikat on their seats. This fabric makes me happy.

The hydrangea are in full bloom here. Oh, how I LOVE me some hydrangea blooms!

We also got rid of the dated track lighting that used to be in our kitchen.

We replaced them with these pendants from Pottery Barn. I just realized I have the wrong size bulbs in them. Oh well, add that to my to-do-list!

Grayson has been my little helper in the garden recently. He loves to "plant" flowers in his very own pot (aka: make a huge mess in the dirt).

More details later...


Jenny said...

Love the Door!!! And I am floored to see how big Grayson is..He is beyond handsome..

RLG said...

I had to laugh at your comment about repainting rooms. My living room is on it's second color (getting it's third this summer). The dining room is on it's second color and I love it. Deep sigh. Sometimes it takes a few whacks to get it right. The pictures are lovely and the front door is stunning. Well done. xoxo

Freckles Chick said...

You've been busy!!

I'm head over heels in love w/ your glossy door. How is it that I didn't know I wanted something so badly until I see it on your blog?! Oh hell. (I'm digging that urn too.)

In my humble opinion, the soft green complements the blue&white plates beautifully.

Those PB pendant lights!! GORGEOUS!

And Grayson! Look at that darling little pout. I'm melting over here.

Windlost said...

Looks gorgeous as always. I love your slick new door. I am thinking of a glossy black door also when we redo our house colour scheme. This may sound like a stupid question as they are likely all the same, but what colour/finish did you use?!? Does it make a difference which black one gets? Yours looks lovely!

xo Terri

Liz said...

I love your front door! I would keep peeking too, you're not crazy. :-)

I really do like the paint color, but I know what you mean. It's so hard to settle on a color! I think my husband may lose it if I say I want to paint over anything in our house again!

Everything looks really great!

Elizabeth said...

love your door and all your improvements you've made. i do the same thing with closet organization

Lyn and Susan said...

I love the painted door. We need to re-paint ours. Do you know what type of gloss paint was used?

Hello Lover... said...

Love all the new looks - That black door is stunning! Grayson is too cute!

Fran said...

Wow, love your updates. The door is incredible and your dining room is beautiful. I love the green with the blue & white china! So fresh! Great job!

I'm a new follower!

talisman said...

Hi, am hoping you might see this and email me at sucomp@aol.com about the door. I just painted my door exactly the same, black high gloss and yours looks so much better than mine. I was given a Glidden product that is more like a gel, very thick and the painter had a hard time getting it uniform, so when you look at it in certain light you can see all the different strokes and imperfections of the door etc. I like the way your door looks but wondering if I should get regular paint and do it over. What type of paint did you use? BTW I also live in Fairfield County!
Sue B.