Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lots of Inspiration So Little Time

Greetings from the overwhelmed. Lauren of Pure Style Home recently wrote this post on her blog as if she could read my mind. I swear we are living parallel lives. Although, Lauren has TWO little ones, a budding interior design business, a super successful blog and an amazing home filled with creativity and incredible DIY projects. Enough with the blogger worship, right? Well, I have to say it was so incredibly refreshing to read her post today, as I myself am trying to figure out this juggling act I call being a working mom. I do not have it down, nor do I think I will have it figured out anytime soon. Emails have gone read, but not responded to. Phone calls get returned during naptime (usually the following day) if I'm lucky. My brain is full of ideas, I have some incredible (and patient) clients, but I just need more hours in the day! So please let me apologize to those who may be waiting for me to respond to an email. I haven't forgotten about you or the people who read my humble, little blog.

Just to keep you all interested in what I'm up too, I thought I'd share some design boards from some projects I'm hoping to wrap up soon.

{Feminine glam living room in Westchester, NY}

{Coastal chic and family-friendly living room in Greenwich, CT}

{Traditional boy's nursery in NYC}

Still to come:

My dining room re-vamp

A sailboat remodel (I'm so excited to share this with you!)

My powder room make over

Unveiling of my new official website (eeek!)

(Oh, and I still managed to maintain a 3.9 GPA at school! However, I'm taking the summer off)


Karla @ KERRISDALE DESIGN blog said...

Teresa, these are beautiful inspiration boards! When will your website be launching? I'm working on mine at the moment and I'm excited to see yours as I know it will be gorgeous. The juggling game is NEVER easy, but it sounds like you are managing beautifully....it's an area where "perfect" doesn't exist, and where doing your best is the only option, whatever that may look like on a given day!

PS congrats on your fab GPA! Yes you TOTALLY deserve a summer off :)

Jenny Beth said...

i am just so inspired by you to go back and get my masters in interiors, gorgeous things, congrats on such good grades!!!

I adore reading your blog!!!

jenny beth from

Suzie said...

Congrats, T! Can't wait for the updates!

Chateau 809 said...

Love the inspiration boards!

Puhvis Kukk said...

Looks great! What are you using (what software) to put together the boards?

Lovely Little Nest said...

ummm AMAZING mood boards! The boy's nursery is definitely my favorite.

Apparently, being overwhelmed works for you! ;)

New England Gal said...

I'm a new reader and just wanted to say hello and that those design boards look fabulous. I'm originally from Fairfield County (Darien & New Canaan) and also went to the NYSID. Small world. Keep up the great work!

Ryan said...
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Freckles Chick said...

Simply being a mom is mountains of work in itself, so it amazes me to no end that you can juggle design jobs, school, a stellar GPA, & the blog on top of everything else.

Thank you for your supportive words on my recent post. It means so much to know that I still have you as a reader, even when there's nothing but silence on my blog! And you can always count on us to come a lurkin' (sometimes I don't get the chance to leave a comment but I devour every one of your posts).

Can't wait to see your designs come to life!

Christine Cranford said...
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Christine Cranford said...

Love the Marten Family Room... Could you tell me where I could find the rug used for the Marten family room? It is actually what I have been looking for my living room.

By the way, love your blog and designs. Take the summer off and recharge.

Thanks for your help! :-)

Karena said...

Teresa, you are doing great! I love the Martens Living Room, the palette is so beautiful!


Art by Karena

Mrs. Limestone said...

Looking lovely!

Do you know where that chandelier in the second board is sourced? Or maybe some suggestions on affordable light fixtures for my beach kitchen?

Linda said...

Do you know where the sofa is from the Glam room? LOVE IT! :)

Jen of All Trades said...

I've been checking your blog for a short time and have it listed on my blog (www.ohmigoshblog.blogspot.com) as a "must read". Your boards are beautiful and so reminded me and took me back to my days in school and all the sleepless nights putting together boards and hand rendering with colored pencils. Ugh! You're a delight and I'd love to interview you at some point concerning your blog and design work and feature it on my blog. Please feel free to check it out and let me know if you feel it might be a fit for you. Thanks, Jennifer

Kenneth Mader said...

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