Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Mid-Century Modern Fantasy

While perusing real estate listings in areas near mine, I stumbled upon this tiny, mid-century modern beauty in New Canaan, CT.

Designed by the famous Philip Johnson it is coined as his "livable Glass House". At only approximately 1800 square feet, many would question it's livablity during this day and age of the more square footage the better.

Check out these links to learn more about this home:

Real Estate Listing

Modern Homes Survey - Ball House

I couldn't help imagine what it would be like to live in such a distinctive little house.

The clean lines, the white walls, the connection to the outdoors, all look so chic and cool.

Here is a photo with the previous renters furnishings (I'm assuming).

This is the same room pictured above but seems to have been staged a bit better for the real estate listing.

I could definitely get used to a small bedroom like this!

This lounge area is quite sophisticated.

Love those windows and the way the stone flooring is continues to the patio.

A nice foyer vignette.

{not the same house, but another CT mid-century home courtesy of Metropolitan Home}

Now let's pretend I shelled out the 2.9 million dollars for this baby, I would probably add about 1,000 square feet to the original building (gasp!) in keeping with the original architecture (of course).

{Metropolitan Home}

These are a few images that I would use as decor inspiration...rooms that pay homage to mid-century modern design without being dated.

{Metropolitan Home - Trina Turk's Home}

{Brown Design Inc.}

{Brown Design Inc.}

{Brown Design Inc.}

{Brown Design Inc.}

Not exactly MCM, but a striking vignette suitable for such a house, in my opinion.

{Brown Design Inc.}

It's fun to fantasy house shop, isn't it?


Sarah said...

I think there's actually more a movement these days away from larger houses towards smaller ones. It's more green and budget-friendly.

Anonymous said...

wow, love it! thank you so much.

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

What an amazing house! I wouldn't touch a thing - does it come furnished!? *please say yes* :)

Lauren said...

I'm in love with all of the windows/doors...light! Such potential views! I would LOVE, LOVE to have this home in our woods. (But I cannot imagine cleaning those windows, etc!) :)

Anonymous said...

i think it is pretty incredible the way it is. i can't imagine adding another 1,000 square feet, but i'm totally not into the whole giant mcmansion trend.

a H.I.T. said...

I surprised the town let something like that go up! So modern and different. Love it.

Renee Finberg said...

i would love a little house like that.
my favorite house is the farnsworth house.

nice blog

Beth Dunn said...

Gorgeous pictures! xoxo

meg said...

have you visited the glass house in new canaan? you'd love it ... and it's a perfect time of year for a tour. tickets are sometimes hard to come by but if you're a mid century modern lover, you should go!

honey living said...

WOW. every image is achingly amazing. thank you for posting!