Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Favorites - Maternity Style

I've recently been e-mailed by a dear friend of mine who is expecting her first little one this November (yaaaaay C, I'm so happy for you!) wondering where to find cute maternity clothes. So, I thought I'd share my personal favorites with everyone. It took a lot of shopping hit and misses to find these jems.

The BEST (although on the pricey or spendy side as I used to say growing up in Minnesota) maternity clothes out there have to be from Isabella Oliver. The jacket I'm wearing above is the same one that's on the model in the photo at the top. I received so many compliments on it and it was the perfect light weight jacket for Fall. I wore it well into the winter because I was always SO hot that I didn't want to wear a heavy coat. Here are some of my favorites from this designer...

I wore this dress to one of our showers and LOVED it! It's stretchy, but holds it's shape and I actually felt somewhat sexy even in my 8th month of pregnancy. Whata dress!


I loved the tops and blouses from Olian Maternity

{Does anyone else find this model irritating or is it just me?}

I wore the Olian top pictured above to one of our showers. Their tops wash SO well and are really comfortable. I wore this top a lot after I had the baby because it didn't even look maternity paired with leggings. LOVED it!

Who wouldn't love this cute jacket, pregnant or not?

Jeans are tough to wear (IMO) when your pregnant. I found myself owning two sets of them, one for the first and second trimesters, and one for the third trimester. The jeans that fit perfectly during the early months became way too tight in the thighs and dug into my pelvis when my tummy got bigger during the last couple months.

My very favorite jeans were by Habitual (pictured above). Not only were they nice and stretchy, but the rise was much lower than others I had tried. They didn't dig into the tummy area at all. They also didn't have the fabric panel at the waist, but had adjustable pulls on the inside, so they didn't even look like maternity jeans...brilliant! I was actually sad when I had to pack these babies away.

Probably the best value out there for maternity clothing has to be from the Gap. Great sales and ultra comfortable cotton tees, tanks and dresses. The majority of my everyday maternity clothes came from the Gap and Destination Maternity.

And for the MOST comfortable pajamas EVER (drumroll please)...

Theses beauties (although they truly aren't that cute) from Destination Maternity. I have them in black and...ehem...I'm still wearing them to this day. Favorite pajamas I tell you! During my last few weeks of pregnancy, I found sleeping to be almost impossible because I was so uncomfortably huge. Looking cute for bed was the LAST thing on my mind.

And for underwear that makes you feel pretty even when you feel as big as a house...


They have cute swimwear too!

So, hopefully you find these leads helpful in your search for maternity clothes, "C" and other mommas-to-be. Here's to a happy and healthy 40 weeks!




kris said...

thank you thank you! I'm pregnant too and I wanted to know where to buy cute (and relatively stylish) maternity clothes. Am going to check out Olian and Isabella Oliver. Was sizing on Isabella Oliver true to your pre-prego size?

Anonymous said...

I would recommend Japanese Weekend. They have a online store. Designer was a dancer so very body conscious and comfortable. They had the best nursing bras..

Becky said...

OMG, love that swimsuit!

GraceK said...

Thank you from this Mama-to-be, due in December! I'm just now starting to get into maternity clothes at 4.5 months. The only place I've been so far is Gap but I'll def be checking out the rest of your recommendations!

Thanks for a great post!

P.S. Were you wearing nursing bras before the baby came? Someone told me to switch to non-underwire bras (noooo!!) as I get bigger and I wondered whether I should just go straight into nursing bras or not.

thestamfordwife said...

Grace, I did wear nursing bras before the baby arrived. I'm not huge in the booby department...I think I was a C at my largest moment...and found the Belabumbum nursing bra (in the photo)to be extremely comfortable and cute! I figured why buy all new regular bras a size bigger when I'll need nursing bras anyways.

Anonymous said...

Great post!! I'm due in January, so I'll be bookmarking this post for later reference. :)

makingthishome said...

I'm not even remotely pregnant...not even the tiniest bit, but I love those clothes and wish I could wear them now!! Ahhh, just think about the breathing room I could have!

Jennifer said...

I'm not pregnant, but all of your information has been great. I'll definitely be referring back when the time comes. so thanks!

and that jacket at the top is gorgeous!! I want one right now.

Suzie said...

Great guide and, yes, that model is freaking annoying! HeHe! :)

carina said...


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Deana Pearse said...

Gap has all the most comfortable maternity clothing, I must say. But thanks for sharing other brands, Teresa. Wearing a pregnancy bra prevents sagging of the breasts and definitely gives extra comfort, especially during the last three weeks. They're very useful when you breastfeed as well.