Monday, June 16, 2008

Tan Lines Have Faded

Just a handful of photos (in no particular order) from our recent sailing trip to the Greek Isles. A few favorite islands were Milos for it's dramatic landscapes and beaches, Hydra because of it's lack of motorized transportation and it's artisans, Paros for it's charming boutiques and restaurants, and Santorini ...because it's possibly one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.
Below is the route that we took. It was a two week bareboat charter that stopped each day at a different island to explore the archeological sites as well as the local culture. If you are considering sailing the Greek Isles someday, you have to look into Poseidon Charters. Steve (the captain/co-owner or the company) was so incredible to work with. I can't recommend him and his company enough!

Click here for the detailed itinerary.

We stayed three nights in Santorini (the rest of the nights we slept in our cabins on the boat) at the Nostos Apartments (pictured above is the view from our room). They only have a handfull of simple, clean apartments with kitchenettes. I would recommend them if you're looking for an amazing view, but don't necessarily need all of the extras that a hotel may have (restaurant, room service, etc.). They do have a great pool though!


Fifi Flowers said...

Fabulous photos... I'm terribly jealous!

suzie said...

That big slab of feta looks delicious! mmmmmmm

What an amazing trip!

Freckles Chick said...

Gorgeous! Those pics are totally frame-worthy.
I was eyeing that huge slab of feta, too =)

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like an amazing trip!

Eloise said...

I just stumbled upon your wonderful blog. I love what you're doing to your house! I also really enjoyed your pictures of Greece. It looks like you had a fabulous trip! We were in Greece four years ago and loved it. My sister is taking her family there this summer, so I've been posting my Greece trip journal and pictures on my blog. It's been fun "revisiting" it all. I'm ready to go back!

Apostolos said...

Sailing the Greek isles is really a great pick for vacations. Amazing places in protected waters. Ideal for all