Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Could you please send us our forwarded mail? We paid the one dollar fee to change our address and forward our mail, but have we seen any? NO. Can you please, please fix this? I am going through shelter magazine withdrawl. Thanks.
I apologize to any family or friends whom may have sent us mail and haven't received a response from us. I swear, it's the Post Office's fault, not ours. We are not ignoring you.


Mrs. Limestone said...

I hate to say this but once we moved, I never saw my magazines or any of my "fun" mail again. I only seemed to get the bills and junk mail. (And I only moved a few blocks!!)

Any faith in the USPS went out the window along with my general disguist for the jerks who bought my old house.

thestamfordwife said...

Say it isn't so! Those PS postal workers are reading my Elle Decor and Met Home? What turds.

We got our first forwarded (with the yellow label on it) mail today and it was junk. Figures.

DecorPad said...

They did this to us too! We had to go in and actually fill out the forms to get our mail! Blech!

Jenny said...

I'm not the only one. I too have never received any of my "good" mail forwarded. My trust in the USPS is beyond tarnished for many of reasons. One being that they didn't complete the change of address completely so my mail at the old place was shut off but never forward. All my mail was returned to sender. Lovely