Friday, April 25, 2008

Bye, Bye Brooklyn Party

Since we are moving to Stamford, CT in about two weeks (eeeek!), the Hubs and I are throwing a final little shin-dig tomorrow night for a handful of our closest friends here in NYC. We're so looking forward to hanging out with everyone over a cocktail and some nummy hors d' oeuvres. Here is what's on the menu...

Caprese Crostini
(thank you Freckles Chick for the recipe)

Bacon-wrapped Scallops

Rosemary Cashews

(thank you Kristin for the recipe)

Mushroom and Feta Pockets

(Thank you Suzie for the recipe)

Mini Burgers

Mini Crab Cakes

Vegetable Crudite

Stinky Cheeses

Chocolate Fondue


suzie said...

***drooling over my keyboard!***

Mrs. Limestone said...

While the concept of leaving Brooklyn leaves me totally confused as to why anyone would do such a crazy thing, your menu looks amazing. Hope you had a great party. :)

Freckles Chick said...

I just ate, and now I'm hungry again.....hope you have a fab party!